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How to deepen guitar nut slots Make sure the nut slot ends are round and smooth so strings can't bind. not only is it too high but the slots are not cut deep enough then deepen the It is similar to maple in tone and is bright. Real Bone Saddle and Nut: These guitar saddle and nut are made of high dense, unbleached real cattle bone... Nut Slot Depth Deepening the nut slots may help with intonation. Related videos: Dan Erlewine demos "a little tool with a big job". Before you try to put frets in your guitar, make sure the slots are deep enough.

If the Slots on the nut are not cut deep enough and bridge saddles are set too high, combined with a neck bow upwards, the action will be extremely high - regardless of the neck height. If the relief is set right, the nut slots cut deep enough and the saddles adjusted to be at the right height, the action will be low.

If a fretted note is sharp it is an indication that the nut slots are not deep enough (or excessive presure with high frets/ scalloped or worn fretboard). If a string is going flat, it is always bridge related. Either a problem with the string seating fully (common w/ trapeeze tailpieces and ball ends in vintage tremolos (the reason they came up w/ bullet ends)) or binding on a rough saddle/ the edge of the trem block. Again, it is possible to cause a tuner to back off with extream tremolo ... Intonation problem, nut? | Telecaster Guitar Forum Hey jujucaster, Yep, it's the nut. It's not cut deep enough. You really need a good set of files to get it right. It'd be best to take it to a tech and get a proper set-up done on it.

Mar 12, 2016 · You do not regulate string height by deepening the nut slots. The nut slot, much like a saddle slot, exists to hold the string in place and provide a clear point of origin, or more correctly an anchor point, to allow for the "Speaking" length of the string to vibrate.

The nut slot needs to slope upwards towards the fretboard so that there is a sharp enough break angle for a solid tone.A completely level nut slot could have a buzzing banjo or sitar effect. (I learned that from Wayne "Doc" Horner here at... A Fast, Easy Way to Fix Your Nut Slot | Guitarworld If your guitar's nut slot is cut too deep or shallow, this quick fix can save you both time and money.Phillip McKnight—whose gear-centric videos we've featured on this here website many a time—recently released a new one that offers a quick and easy fix if your nut slot is cut too deep or shallow.

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From my experience, on factory made instruments (I'm not picking on anyone- please no one take offense), is that the nut slots are usually not cut deep enough. And there's a reason for that, from the manufacturer's point of view. Go too deep and you've got a real problem and it probably means a new nut to do it right. Tool for filing nut slots - Remember too that the slot you are filing needs only to be deep enough to accommodate half the diameter of the wound strings. You will see many nut slots where the string is sitting away down in a deep slot and this can contribute to binding problems. Mike Munford Banjo Set Up | The Nut | Ross Nickerson